Better Your Best for Golf

Date: Saturday, May 6, 2023
9:00-4:00 p.m.

Cost: $275
Lunch included

BirdieBound is hosting Dr. Debbie Crews and Better Your Best (BYB). The BYB program will take you beyond your Best performance. You will learn your core movement patterns and your core personality patterns and how to optimize your assets. The program includes activities that you DO to take you to the next level and perceptions of who you choose to BE to maximize your mindset for every shot you perform.


  1. Introduction - Learn the importance of the mental side and how small changes make big results.
  2. Authentic You – The more you know your tendencies, the better decision making you do and the lower your scores.
  3. Baseline measure of skills: putting, chipping, pitching, irons, woods – Starting with a baseline will show where you are, skills to practice, and progress.
  4. Discover how your core movement patterns and core personality come out. Learn to set margins of success, start and finish and scoring.
  5. Physical balance and psychological balance are key to scoring. They interact to improve your swing and score.
  6. Timing/Golf (metronome, songs, counting) – Another key skill for swings and scoring! Learn techniques to use on the golf course.
  7. Routines (putting, chip/pitch, sand, full swing) – Define every component of your routines and reduce hesitations.
  8. Forward Focus – The last and most important part of the routine that we can influence is focus. Learn the cues and the skill of focus for optimal performance.
  9. Emotions – Defining your Mini Me’s and learning to use your emotions will change your brain and enhance your performance.
  10. Scoring (goal posts, golf course) – Scoring is a skill in and of itself. Learn to practice scoring and to score on the golf course.

Debbie Crews, Ph.D. is a Sport Psychology Consultant in the Arizona State University Athletic Department.  She is an LPGA Master Professional and Hall of Fame inductee. As CEO of Opti Zone (neurofeedback training company) Debbie has learned to train athletes to dial in the zone at will. In addition, the Better Your Best and Brain Gym training programs teach athletes and coaches unique mental training techniques that produce successful results in a shorter period of time.

Her 35+ years of research studying attention in golf has been published in scientific journals and popular magazines (Golf Digest, Golf Magazine) and has been shown on Scientific American Frontiers, NBC Dateline and ESPN. Her research also includes several studies with Mayo Clinic on the “yips” in golf.

Debbie chaired the World Scientific Congress of Golf (the one research organization for golf) for 10 years. She initiated the research journal “International Journal of Golf Science”. Debbie has worked with golfers from all the tours as well as up and coming amateurs and professionals